Eden Luna Gallery

Art is Art…Everything Else is Everything Else

Our Story

Welcome to the EdenLuna Fine Art gallery! This site is a place to view the pieces available through the Eden Luna Art Gallery. It is our philosophy that art is fluid. Art becomes something different to everyone who experiences it. What speaks to us may not speak to you, at least not in the same language. Our gallery was started as a fine art photo gallery where collectors could find unique, original pieces available nowhere else.

We are not egotistical or naïve enough to think that our style will appeal to everyone, so it is our intention to invite different artists from many different mediums and styles to show here as well for limited residencies. We are building our little gallery into one of the premiere art galleries where collectors and art enthusiasts can peruse our collection and purchase in confidence.

Across the top of this page, in the header, you will find links to our latest blog and artwork, our contact info and more! Please follow us and come along on this digital journey! We are actively looking for a physical space to house the gallery and will announce that as soon as we find the perfect spot.